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Christmas 2009

We had a very quiet Christmas with Gina and her family. Mona called several times and I called my Mom several times so they could be a part of our Christmas Day! We had a very old fashioned Christmas with … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas Eve already!

Still a few things to do today. Hope everyone is ready for the big day tomorrow! Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends! Even though we are miles apart, you will still be in our hearts on Christmas!

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I need a maid!

Mopping floors tires me out so quickly these days. I have sit down every once in awhile to rest and then it’s back to work again. Takes me all day to do what I used to do in a couple … Continue reading

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Family Traditions!

Traditions at Christmas mean alot to me! The little plastic gold star with an Angel attached has been on every Christmas tree we’ve had since Mona’s first Christmas in 1972. The poor little star is getting very fragile, but it’s … Continue reading

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Only one more day!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! Gina’s family will be coming over for our traditional homemade Clam Chowder Christmas Eve dinner. We’ve had this tradition for years now! Wishing more of the family could celebrate with us this year. Whatever happened to … Continue reading

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Christmas Goodies!

I’ve been making candy and baking cookies for sharing with family and friends. Candy Peanut Clusters Raisin Clusters & Peppermint Almond Bark Fudge Sugar Cookies Shortbread Cookies Gingerbread Men Here’s Mona and her family’s goodie pkg I mailed them this … Continue reading

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Stressful Time at the Holiday!

Not only with the Christmas stress, snow and icy conditions, there’s another crisis I’m dealing with the last couple of weeks. Do you ever feel totally helpless in situations and just cannot remedy it? That’s the way I’ve felt for … Continue reading

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