Tribute to United States Veterans!

I want to thank Rudy and all of the Veterans that have given us our Freedom!

All Veterans should have today off from work! (Rudy has to work, that is not right! Many non-Veterans get today off, but many Veterans are at work today!)

Rudy was only 17 when he joined the Army, went to Viet Nam when he was 18. He was in the Army and worked in Tanks, his tank in Viet Nam was called “Wild Thing”.

He did 4 years in the military, then struggled for 6 more years trying to find a job to support us. Veterans should not have to struggle so much in society after they have done the duty with the military. They should get the support they need from the government.

When he came home, there was no Welcome, he had to hide that he was a Veteran completely! Times sure have changed for the Veterans now when they come home from the war.

Rudy I am so proud of you and what you did for our country, people never have told you that in the past!

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One Response to Tribute to United States Veterans!

  1. slim8972 says:

    That is so beautiful. My thanks to Rudy as well!


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